December 12, 2017

Did 50 Cent Kill New York Hip Hop? [VIDEO]

50 Cent
Did 50 Cent Kill New York Hip Hop? [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: Todd Williamson/Getty Images)

What killed New York hip hop?

It’s been a question some journalists and artists have been asking for the last couple of years. Fat Joe has been a part of the New York movement for years. When asked what happened to hip hop in the city that birthed it, he had some interesting things to say on Everyday Struggle.

“[50 Cent] caused that energy coz prior to that, New York Hip-Hop got along,” he said. “That energy f***ed up the New York vibe… It was a bad time for New York Hip-Hop.”

The two are friends now, but back then they were involved in a beef that spanned a bunch of songs going back and forth at each other.

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