March 30, 2019

Diddy Reminisces On The First Time He Told Kim Porter ‘I Love You’ [PHOTO]

Diddy Reminisces On The First Time He Told Kim Porter ‘I Love You’ [PHOTO]

Photo credit – Giulio Marcocchi/Getty Images

Kim Porter will always have a special place in Diddy’s heart.

As the mother of three of his children, the love of his life at one point, from time to time, Diddy reminds everyone how much he loved her.

Last week he shared a special tribute about Kim. He thanked her for doing a good job raising their kids. He also said they miss her and the girls act just like her.

Today Diddy talked about why she was his “Bonnie.” Back when he was shooting the video for “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” Kim took a 12-hour flight and a 3-hour car ride to the desert to see him and “didn’t complain.”

That’s when Diddy knew he loved her. He said she was always a “ride or die.” He admitted to a fan that he was “scared” to marry her. Take a look at the post: 

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I remember Kim flying to see me on the set of can’t nobody hold me down. She took like a 12 hour flight to LA and 3 hour ride to the desert. With no complaints. Was always ride or die. From day 1! I called her BONNIE AND I WAS CLYDE! This picture will go down in history as the first time I said she was MINE!!!! AND THE FIRST TIME I TOLD HER I LOVE HER, little did I know I was hers. Miss you BONNIE ❤️ and will forever. Maaaaan life is beautiful to have had these experiences. Love you baby. @ladykp