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February 04, 2022

'Do We Have A Problem' Nicki Minaj & Lil Baby Track Produced By Papi Yerr Is Here!

New Music
'Do We Have A Problem' Nicki Minaj & Lil Baby Track Produced By Papi Yerr Is Here!
"Do We Have A Problem" is finally here!
Nicki Minaj and Lil Baby
. This is Nicki's first drop since 2022 and Lil Baby's first collab with the Queen.
Her last full album was her 2018
Last year she re-released her 2009 mixtape
with three new
Take a listen to "Do We Have A Problem:"
Miami Florida based American recording artist
produced the song. The
worked on Tory Lanez tracks like "B
," "Jerry Sprunger," ft.
, & "The Take" ft. Chris Brown. He's signed with Sony ATV Music Publishing.
We interviewed him and asked him about "Do We Have A Problem." This is his first time working with Nicki and Baby. He said,
"It's an amazing feeling. Nicki Minaj is a legend, and Lil Baby is the hottest rapper in the game right now. Every producer dreams of this moment. It hasn't fully hit me. I'm just grateful to be the one they called to make it happen. MAJOR MAJOR shout out to Nicki & Baby."
How did you get involved with record?
This started in 2021 around November. Tate Ko introduced my music to Nicki around that time and her team reached back out to me immediately. Then Nicki personally hit me up which was crazy. She told me I was very talented. I got mad love for Nicki. She's solid and genuine. Through out this process I feel like I've got to grow with her and her fans. Her fan base has shown me massive amounts of love. It's crazy. I'm grateful and appreciative.
What makes this record special? In your opinion?
This record is special because it just seems like an iconic moment for all of us involved. For me it's huge because I'm the producer, producing for 2 of the biggest artists in the the game right now. For Nicki it's special because it's her comeback. She did a 10 year takeover, took a break and came back as the most relevant artist in music in 2022. I've watched her trend on social media for a week straight since the announcement of the song. She's getting 3 million likes on Instagram and even the Trailer for "Do We Have A Problem" was in the top 5 trending videos on Youtube before the song was even released. She's proving she's a real force in not only the music industry but in pop culture.
And for Lil Baby, he's at the height of his career. He dropped an album in 2020, and it's still charting and outselling new albums. His run right now reminds of the mixtape Wayne from 06-09. Getting Lil Baby & Nicki on the song is a special moment right now in music culture. I'm just honored to be the musical architect behind it. God is great!