September 15, 2023

Doechii Reacts to Beyoncé Request, Meeting DJ Khaled + Working with TDE

Doechii Reacts to Beyoncé Request, Meeting DJ Khaled + Working with TDE
Join us for an exclusive deep dive with Doechii as she sits down with Nessa to discuss everything from her latest hits to her journey in the music industry. Revel in the vibrant visuals and inspiration behind "Booty Drop," and relive that iconic jetski moment where she was yelling about living her best life. Doechii opens up about owning her unique style, emphasizing the importance of never being basic and always shining bright.

During the interview Doechii talks about her first time meeting DJ Khaled at the VMAs, which he may not remember. She also finds out about Beyonce’s team request for her to open and has the best reaction. She watches Smino talk about their Pro Freak collab, she tells the story of her collaboration with Janelle Monae, and we get a glimpse into her dual talents in singing and rapping. Family plays a significant role in Doechii's life, and she shares how her uncle and dad influenced her rap journey. As the first female rapper to join TDE, she spills the beans on her debut album, her dream collaborations, and her upcoming tour with Doja Cat and Ice Spice.

Doechii doesn't hold back as she delves into what she does for peace, the lessons she's learned from the music industry, and her exciting acting debut. Plus, she offers a personal touch, sharing insecurities she's overcome, moments she wishes she could relive, and invaluable advice to her younger self. As we wrap up, Doechii gives us a glimpse into her future plans, and the legacy she aims to leave behind. Don't miss out on this intimate conversation.