September 10, 2020

Does Kanye West Want His Friend Back? Fans React To Him Posting Drake

Does Kanye West Want His Friend Back? Fans React To Him Posting Drake

It’s no secret Drake and Kanye haven’t always been on the best of terms.

Their relationship, which dates back over ten years ago, started out good but over the years, they went astray. But, now it seems like Ye could possibly want his bro back in his life. 

On Kanye’s Twitter, he reposted a video of young Drake, spitting “Ready Or Not” by the Fugees. Take a look:

Online users had mixed reactions. Some think the “beef” between them isn’t real while others believe Kanye simply misses his friend. 

The first time Drake and Kanye collaborated was 11 years ago when Drake dropped “Best I Ever Had,” Ye directed the visual. They would go on to do music together like on “Forever,” which was a big moment for Drizzy. Around this time his career was bubbling and to be featured on a song with heavyweights like Wayne and Ye was a huge accomplishment. Throughout the years, Ye gave beats to Drake for his debut album, Thank Me Later, and they also worked on more music like “Blessings,” and “30 Hours.”

It’s not exactly clear when the Drake and Kanye beef began. NME reports in 2010 when “Find Your Love” was released (co-written and produced by Kanye), Yeezy said Drizzy’s attitude started to get “too big.” Then later that year Drake was spotted out with Amber Rose, Ye’s ex, just two months after they broke up. Although Drake had a verse on Kanye’s “All Of The Lights,” Drizzy’s verse wasn’t on it. In 2011, Drizzy was telling The Source how much he looks up to Kanye, but he wants to be “better” than him,

“My goal is to surpass everything he’s accomplished. I don’t want to be as good as Kanye, I want to be better.”

In 2013, Kanye made a surprise appearance at Drizzy’s OVO Fest in Toronto but in an interview that same month, Drake admitted he hadn’t spoken to Kanye in a long time and “all this stuff got built up.” Then the two still continued to take shots at each other in music like on Drake’s “Summer Sixteen,” Kanye removed Drake off his “Wolves” track, and Drizzy fired back with removing Ye off “Pop Style.” Things got NASTY in 2018 when Drake’s beef with Pusha T was reignited on “Duppy Freestyle,” Drake claimed Push has ghostwriters and Push told Drake’s secret about his son on “The Story Of Adidon.”

In 2019, Drake did a rare sit-down interview with Elliot Wilson and Drizzy was asked about his friendship status with Kanye. From his answer, Drake didn’t seem like he’s in any rush to rebuild, he said:

“I think he kind of recruited a guy with a similar dislike for me, no matter what he says in interviews,” he said. “He can tell whoever, ‘I got love for him’ or whatever, but it’s not love. It’s…there’s something there that bothers him deeply. Yeah, I can’t fix it for him, so, it just is what it is.”

Then Kanye responded in an unreleased leaked song according to Genius. The track is called “Waiting For God,” and it was supposed to appear on Kanye’s Jesus Is King album but didn’t make it. 

On Drake’s latest single featuring Lil Durk on “Laugh Now Cry Later,” fans think Drake took aim at Kanye. Drake raps, “Distance between us is not like a store, this isn’t a closeable gap.”

Do you think Drake and Kanye will be cool again?