December 6, 2021

Doja Cat Releases the First Ever Code-able Music Video

Doja Cat Releases the First Ever Code-able Music Video

You can now learn code using Doja Cat’s NEW “Woman”  music video.

In collaboration with the non-profit organization Girls Who Code, Doja Cat has released the first-ever interactive and code-able music video for her song “Woman.” The interactive experience allows fans and coders to change the special effects in a music video starring both Doja Cat and Teyana Taylor.

The program allows for Doja fans to code in their preferred language – whether it be CSS, Javascript, or Python.


On Friday, Girls Who Code announced the launch of this program on Twitter. Girls Who Code is a non-profit focused on introducing coding to women and seeking to increase the number of women computer scientists. The Doja Cat music video experience is an innovative way to introduce the idea of coding to young people and those who would be disinterested otherwise. 

The coding involved with the Woman music video experience is very basic and the program is both easy and fun to use. Try it out yourself at or just watch the regular video below!