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January 14, 2023

\"Dolphland\" Pop-Up Honors Young Dolph's Life In NYC

HOT News
\"Dolphland\" Pop-Up Honors Young Dolph's Life In NYC
This weekend Young Dolph’s label Paper Route Empire honored his life and celebrated Dolph’s posthumous album with a pop-up museum inspired by the life he led. The exhibit featured artwork portraying Adolph “Young Dolph” Thorton Jr. throughout various stages of his life, and was modeled after the life he led.
The idea for the pop-up came from Young Dolph’s manager Allen Parks who set up the traveling project in conjunction with the Atlanta-based Trap Museum and Paper Route Empire. Park said about Dolph “He was just an authentic, real person. He made street music and this is true to what he had going on.”
Skye Williams, the Creative Director of the Dolphland pop-up explained that each room design came from friends, family, and collaborators close to Dolph. Williams told HOT 97 “This is very authentic to him and there was a lot of time and energy and effort put into this by people who love him.” The first room when you enter the pop-up was modeled after a corner store on Castalia Street in Memphis which Dolph frequented. There is a “Weed Room,” recording studio, platinum plaques, and custom artwork all in honor of Dolph’s life and career.

Welcome To Dolphland

On the night of the museum opening the pop-up was completely packed with people who loved and supported Adolph Thorton. The atmosphere was like a party, but also deeply respectful. DJ RockSteddy, who DJ’d for Young Dolph thanked us for being in attendance without knowing we worked for HOT 97. Memphis artists Kenny Muney and Jay Fizzle were in attendance, as well as New York rappers Neek Bucks and Dave East.
The pop-up museum will be in New York City until January 15th, before moving on to Dallas, Denver, Houston, Washington DC, and many other cities. Dolph’s untimely and tragic death in 2021 was met with justified sorrow, but the Dolphland exhibit serves as a celebration of his life.
Young Dolph’s posthumous album Paper Route Frank is available on all streaming services now.
Artwork at Dolphland.
Young Dolph bust at Dolphland Pop-Up
Artwork at Dolphland.