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November 2, 2022

Drake Teases NPR Tiny Desk Concert With 21 Savage

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Drake Teases NPR Tiny Desk Concert With 21 Savage

Fans are eagerly waiting for Drake and 21 Savage’s newest album Her Loss to drop this Friday. Champagne Papi may have dropped something to hold everyone over in the meantime.

Although everyone seems to be excited about the NPR Tiny Desk teaser, it may all just be a farce.

NPR quote tweeted the clip of the Tiny Desk Concert, seemingly hinting at the fact that this is not a real concert. Which leaves both Drake and 21 Savage’s fan bases very confused.

Just a few short hours after the Tiny Desk Concert clip was posted, Drake posted a clip of him and 21 Savage being interviewed on The Howard Stern Show.

The rapper captioned the post “Absolutely NO filter with the incomparable @sternshow 🥀 thanks for having us.”

According to the video, the interview was done October 26th, but there is no evidence online that it actually happened. This leaves speculations that these clips are a part of a roll out, either as promotion for the album or a new music video from the duo.

Users on Twitter aren’t too happy with the rappers, however.

The duo may have some explaining to do to the fans if answers aren’t given soon! Drake has always been a genius at marketing his albums and this would not be the first time he had fans at the edge of their seats.