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October 09, 2023

Drake Continues To Take Shots At Joe Budden

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Drake Continues To Take Shots At Joe Budden
Drake has some more to say about Joe Budden.
Over the weekend we reported the heated exchange between Drake and Joe Budden. The back and forth began after Joe Budden suggested that Drake's music hasn't matured followed the release of his album For All The Dogs." He rappin' for the children," Budden said on his podcast. "Yo dog, I had to look up how old this n**** was when I finished listening to the album. You are 36 [years old]. Your birthday is in 20 days. I Googled that, too. You're going to be 37 years old. Get the f*** away from some of these younger n*****.
Drake caught wind of the comments and sent Joe a response. "You have failed at music," he wrote. "You left it behind to do what you are doing in this clip cause this is what actually pays your bills. For any artist watching this just remember you are watching a failure give their opinion on his idea of a recipe for success…a quitter give their opinion on how to achieve longevity…"
"You'll grow up sooner or later... Father time is undefeated" replied Budden.
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In a separate Instagram post, Drake continued, “I thank God for this life and not having to come to rushed conclusions on Best Buy podcast mics”
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