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August 26, 2022

Drake Debuts A Brand New Hairstyle, Fans Call Him ‘Slick Back Papi’

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Drake Debuts A Brand New Hairstyle, Fans Call Him ‘Slick Back Papi’
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Drake is rocking a brand-new hairstyle, and fans are calling him “Slick Back Papi.”

The original Champaigne Papi is trading in his straight back braids for a slick back sleek hairdo. He shared a series of photos on Instagram at what appears to be the casino. Showing off the new do, he captions the photos “give this guy a name…”

Drake’s comments flooded with jokes. Quavo commented, “RAZOR AUBREY RAMONE aka SCOTT HALL,” and Justin Bieber joked, “Clarance Donovan aka steezeman deluxe..”

Now- aside from styling and profiling with his new look, Drake is also adding more accolades to his name. According to reports, Drake is officially the most Shazamed artist of all-time with over 350 million Shazams across songs he has either been on or featured. His most popular track with more than 17 million Shazams is “One Dance.” 

While on Nicki Minaj’s ‘Queen Radio’, Drake discussed the possibility of retiring. “I’m not at that point where I even consider that being an option,” he said. “One of the best feelings I have in my life is completing a song or project. And by the way those things are painful as well. A lot of nerves, a lot of confidence wavering. But I feel like I’m reaching a new level of fun. I’ve reached a new level of comfortability where I want to try things. Like this last album, I put out something I wanted to do to challenge myself.”