June 16, 2018

Drake FINALLY Reportedly Addresses Why He Didn’t Answer Pusha T [VIDEO]

Drake FINALLY Reportedly Addresses Why He Didn’t Answer Pusha T [VIDEO]

Why didn’t Drake answer Pusha T?

The battle took one step up when the G.O.O.D. Music rapper released a scathing diss track he titled “The Story Of Adidon” in which he revealed that Drake had a secret child, took a shot at his producer 40’s sickness, and exposed a years old photo where the Canadian native was wearing blackface.

Former Rap-A-Lot Records owner J. Prince revealed that he talked to both parties to put an end to the beef before it went too far. At that time it was being reported that Drake had recorded what has been described as a “career ending diss” track to reply.

Instead we did not get anything.

In an alleged conversation with Akademiks, Drake reportedly addressed why the reply was never released.

“He said, ‘For you as an outsider to this situation, you won’t get it and fans won’t get it.’ He said at times the sh*t goes beyond just music. He says that if this continued and it kept on being escalated, and I believe he’s talking about if he dropped his [response] track, he says it would go to a point of no return and it would have taken him to a very dark place. … He said it will all make sense and it doesn’t make sense to you right now because I’ve said to him, ‘You might have your reasons but you have to understand we’re going to be disappointed’ – he said, June 29. There is music there. There are answers on his album to make us understand.”

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