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February 27, 2019

Drake FINALLY Responds To Soulja Boy & Slides In His DM's [PHOTO]

HOT News
Drake FINALLY Responds To Soulja Boy & Slides In His DM's [PHOTO]
(Photo Credit: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images)
Soulja Boy’s quotable became one of the year’s most popular memes as the rapper went to media outlet after media outlet repeating Drizzy’s name.
It looks like the two finally got to hash things out, after Soulja Boy revealed that he felt slighted by the Toronto native for not asking him to shoot the “We Made It” video in 2013.
In an interview with XXL, Soulja Boy questioned the decision.
“Why we ain’t shoot the video,” he asked. “Why this n***a ain’t bring me on tour to perform it one time, but he was performing my record on tour the whole time? Just little slick s*** like that.”
Drake finally sent a message to Soulja Boy on Instagram to ask if he was serious or not, and apologizing for not asking the “Crack That” rapper to do the video.
“You know it’s always been love all jokes aside,” he wrote. “I dunno know if you was serious about the video thing but I never knew you wanted to do a video for we made it you know I would have done that s***. But on some real shit Draaaaaaaaaaaaaake?!?!”
— Soulja Boy (Drako) (@souljaboy) February 25, 2019