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August 12, 2022

Drake Nominated For His First Emmy For Executive Producer In ‘Euphoria’

HOT News
Drake Nominated For His First Emmy For Executive Producer In ‘Euphoria’
Drake reached a new milestone in his career.
The Canadian rapper is nominated for his first Emmy. According to the official Emmy website, Drake is listed as a nominee for an executive producer on HBO’s Euphoria. He’s had a credit for it since the show launched in 2019.
Hypebeast reports other executive producers on the show are also nominated, Adele “Future” Nur and Zendaya. Zendaya is also the lead actress in the series. The Emmys air on Sept. 12 on CTV.
In 6 god music news, fans think a posthumous collaboration is on the way with the late Brampton-based Punjabi rapper Sidhu Moose Wala . He was fatally shot in India last year in May. Complex points out Drizzy showed his love for the artist by wearing a shirt paying homage to him. In addition, NJ DJ D-Teck dropped hints that a track is cooking up. He Tweeted, “Be Patient !” It’s coming. Stop asking me for details.”
In another “hint,” he wrote, “Tupac and 50cent, Biggie and Bob Marley, French Montana and Chinx, Pop Smoke and 50cent and many others collaborated posthumously.” He went on to say, “What make y’all think a [tractor emoji] x [owl emoji] collab is impossible or far-fetched when they were both was fans of each other and respected each other a lot ?”
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The outlet points out that Wala is a son of a farmer and “was known to be fond of the HMT 5911 tractor model, referencing it in his songs—to the point that fans even began calling him ‘5911.’” Drake loves owls which why fans are drawing speculation.