March 16, 2022

Erica Mena Ditched Long Hair & Debuts A Short Pixie Cut

Erica Mena Ditched Long Hair & Debuts A Short Pixie Cut

Erica Mena is trying something new! 

The Love and Hip Hop cast member showed off a new look with short hair. In the video, Erica sports a short pixie cutTake a look

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Online critics pointed out when a woman cuts her hair, it’s a sign she’s really ready for something new. In the comment section, some users said,“Safari got her stressing, “Now, she’s over Safaree…IYKYK,” and another, “This how you know she done with Safaree.” Another person said, “Damn she got the “I’m single” cut.. it might be official now.”

Safaree filed for divorce early last year and announced it on social media. He later apologized to Erica, and they tried to make amends. The relationship hit another bumpy road after Erica claimed Safaree abandoned their family while pregnant with their second child. Everything was captured on the new season of Love and Hip Hop, and some people felt Safaree was wrong for how he treated Erica, even his mother. He was also accused of being a deadbeat dad, but he “proved” that he wasn’t. 

In September last year, Erica filed for divorce. They’re still waiting for everything to be finalized.