April 11, 2018

Eve Says Janet Jackson SAVED her After She Was Drugged [VIDEO]

Eve Says Janet Jackson SAVED her After She Was Drugged [VIDEO]
Photo Credit: Jason LaVeris – Getty Images

Eve has recently unleashed a story that shocked all of her fans regarding a night she was drugged, and Janet Jackson came to her rescue.

The multi-talented talk show host was very transparent this week on ‘The Talk’ when she reminisced on the night someone spiked her drink at an industry party years ago

I was kind of walking around putting my drink down, talking to people, coming back, picking my drink up. Probably about an hour after the last time I picked my drink up, I started feeling crazy. Not drunk.

I knew immediately something was different. It was weird because I was there, but I wasn’t there,

Then I started hysterically crying. I get put into a room and I’m crying and I’m like, ‘Guys, I’m telling you something’s wrong’ … and I hear this really soft voice.

Eve says this was her first time meeting Janet Jackson and she was utterly embarrassed at the thought of Jackson seeing her in such a vulnerable state.

“I’m like snot crying, y’all. And I turn around, it’s Janet Jackson. And she’s like, ‘I got this. Don’t worry. Relax. Calm down.’ I am so ugly when I snot cry. I was so embarrassed

Take a look at the video below: