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January 10, 2017

Fabolous FINALLY Reveals What Happened To 'Freddy vs Jason' Project w/ Jadakiss [PHOTO]

HOT News
Fabolous FINALLY Reveals What Happened To 'Freddy vs Jason' Project w/ Jadakiss [PHOTO]
(Photo Credit: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images)
It has been over a year. So what’s taking so long?
Back in February of 2016, the hip hop world rejoiced as Fabolous went on Instagram to announce that he was dropping a project titled Freddy VS Jason alongside Jadakiss.
Throughout the months, he kept teasing fans on the project as they released photos working together on it. October came and went, and didn’t come out. 2016 came and went and it still hasn’t come out.
So what happened?
Complex caught up with Fabolous and Jadakiss at the launch of the New Balance 24 “Luxe” Pack. After talking kicks, they also addressed the hold up with the project.
You said the project is coming soon, but can you tell us how soon or a date?
Fabolous: Nope! [Laughs] But it’s coming, though. We just take our time because we want it to be right because of the magnitude of the project means for hip-hop and New York City hip-hop. Also, we have samples that need to be cleared. Even the licensing thing with using the names Freddy and Jason. In this generation, soon as you say a project is coming, the people want it right away. We try to give people a little bit of the process through social media and Instagram. We’ll show pictures of a studio session with producers like Just Blaze or Harry Fraud. I thought that would be cool because in the ‘90s there were big collaborations, but there was no social media. There’s no pictures of Biggie in the studio with Bone Thugs and that’s something you would’ve wanted to see. Now, we get to do that with social media.
That also adds to the hype, though. People see you guys in the studio with big names and they want to hear it.
Fabolous: Yeah, it’s coming, though. You can microwave something and get it fast or you can get a home cooked meal. It takes a little while longer, but it’s worth it when you get it.
Are you excited for it?
A photo posted by Fabolous (@myfabolouslife) on Jan 9, 2017 at 11:00am PST