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June 08, 2021

Fabolous Responds To Backlash Over Claudette Ortiz 'Appreciation Post'

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Fabolous Responds To Backlash Over Claudette Ortiz 'Appreciation Post'
Fabolous was simply showing love, but sometimes the Internet blows things out of proportion.
The Brooklyn rapper made an "appreciation post" in his Instagram
for Claudette Ortiz from the 2000's group, City High. In the post, Fab shared some photos of the singer dolled up in a bikini. In the caption, he said,
"It's vintage, but the natural vibe still." Take a look at a screen-grab, captured by The Neighborhood Talk:
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His message didn't sit well with some
users who felt he was "disrespecting" his life partner/ mother of his children, Emily. See what they're saying:
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The "You Be Killin Em" rapper addressed the backlash on Twitter and said he was giving Claudette her flowers. He also mentioned that people say "celebrate people while they're here," but then when he does, he gets negative feedback. This is what Fab said,
"People try to find the negative in everything. Even in SHOWING LOVE..." In another Tweet, he said,
"Everybody be talking that "Give people they flowers while they alive" shit.. Then when u do it, they make it a issue
[An] Appreciation Post ain't meant to be nothing but... FLOWERS.."
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Some fans
with Fab:
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Emily hasn't said anything publicly as of yet. What are your thoughts?