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August 20, 2021

Fans React To 50 Cent Wishing Former Rival Fat Joe A Happy Birthday!

HOT News
Fans React To 50 Cent Wishing Former Rival Fat Joe A Happy Birthday!
This is very mature!
50 Cent wished former long-time rival Fat Joe a happy birthday! On Instagram, Fif posted a picture with him and said, "Happy B day
wishing you many more God bless." Take a look:
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Social media users felt the good wishes was dope on 50's part. One user said, "Never thought I'd see it.
." Another said,
"It's weird he ain't cool with banks and buck and all them but cool with Fat Joe and others he used to beef with. Never seen this coming." Someone else said, "
Last year, Fat Joe spoke on the day he ended his beef with 50 back in 2013. Their feud dated back to 2004. Around this time, 50 was in a very public beef with Ja Rule, but no one was safe from Fif's wrath.
Fat Joe and Jadakiss were targeted in 50 Cent's beef after being featured on Ja Rule's song "New York. In the track, Ja took a direct shot at Fif when he rapped, "Apprentice, you're fired, you're no longer desired/So take off them silly chains, put back on your wire/I'm on fire."
with a dis track called "Piggy Bank," which took shots at Fat Joe and Jadakiss. Fat Joe responded with "My Fofo." In February 2005, Fat Joe called Hot 97 while DJ Kay Slay was on and called 50 Cent a coward/accused him of being on steroids. The two would clap back at each other for almost a decade until they finally put their pride aside and made amends in 2013.
Love to see them put the
to the past!