August 25, 2023 - Bato

Fat Joe Wants Drake To Forgive Him For Turning Down ‘All The Way Up’ Remix

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 Fat Joe Wants Drake To Forgive Him For Turning Down ‘All The Way Up’ Remix
In recent reports, Fat Joe yearns for Drake’s pardon years after turning him down a spot for the ‘All The Way Up’ remix. On August 24, Joe sat down with Rap Radar podcast to discuss how “Drake FaceTimed me three times to try to get on ‘All The Way Up'” “Three times. In the middle of the night. ‘Send me the instrumental. Send me the instrumental.’ I wish I would have gotten Drake on it. But the history of it…I said, yeah, it has to be just me and JAY-Z.” “Anybody who truly understands, this is the moment. It ain’t just gon’ be a posse cut,” remarked the Terror Squad Leader. The aftermath resulted in Drake never requesting to collaborate with Joe again on a track. The clip ended with Joe saying, “Nah, man! Drake gotta forgive me:” “I’m like, ‘Damn, man, please!'” 
In a light-hearted yet occasionally tense dynamic, Drake and Fat Joe have maintained an interesting rapport. This was evident as Joe openly confessed that he’s envious of the accomplished OVO artist. Just before entering his 53rd year, Joe posted to Instagram on August 16 to unveil an unexpected gift from Drake, who had employed the services of Stake, the digital casino enterprise he had joined forces with back in 2022. Capturing the moment on video, the Bronx icon recorded himself unveiling the contents of the package. However, the delight soon gave way to disillusionment as he found nothing more than a pair of customized socks within the surprise gift.
Joey Crack stated, “You can’t make this sh*t up.” “Fat Joe socks. Yo, this is the most disrespectful sh*t I’ve ever seen in my life. Yo Stake, yo Drake. I said I don’t have a sock or croissant. God damn, be careful what you wish for. Thank you. It’s the thought that counts.” The caption read “Thank you @champagnepapi and @stake for my precious 1 of 1 socks.” Fat Joe admitted to feeling envious of Drake just last month. This stemmed from speculation that Drake received his extravagant $185 million aircraft, known as the "Air Drake," as well as a valuable $1 million ring associated with 2Pac, all completely free of charge.