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October 18, 2022

Former Black Ink Star Ceasar Emanuel Says He Regrets Abusing His Dog + Explains Why

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Former Black Ink Star Ceasar Emanuel Says He Regrets Abusing His Dog + Explains Why
Ceasar Emanuel is telling his side of the story.
Over the summer, VH1 fired the former Black Ink boss after a video surfaced of him allegedly abusing his dogs. On June 23, a Viacom spokesperson released a statement:
“We have made the decision to cut ties with Ceaser Emanuel from Black Ink Crew New York. Since next season was close to finishing production, this decision will not impact the upcoming season.”
Ceaser recently did a radio interview and spoke on the matter. He explained what he was dealing with at the time mentally. He admitted what he did was wrong, however, he also had some hidden pain he didn’t deal with, which caused him to explode. Ceaser said,
“I regret it 100%. Like, sometimes I wish I can take that night back but you can’t take nothing back. And that’s the messed up part about it because in my two seconds of anger I lost it.” He continued,
“And honestly, I was going through a lot. I don’t want to make no excuses but that was during Covid, situation with my daughter just happened, my mind was going all over the place. You feel me? I didn’t know how much stuff I was going through until after this dog situation I got therapy.” Caesar went on to say,
“I didn’t know how many people died and I just kept working and kept building. I never really got to heal or anything, you feel me? I done loss loved ones, people that really mean something to me. I done loss fiancés, I done loss a lot of things.” He continued,
“And being on TV sometimes you just get caught up that you don’t really get to mend anything that you go through. So you walking around with wounds that’s just open and with you trying to be a man, say ‘men ain’t supposed to cry, men ain’t supposed to do this,’ you not understanding you doing more damage to yourself than anything. And I feel like that moment just defined that I needed help. And that’s what I did.”
He ended by saying the situation “shouldn’t have happened.” “That sh*t shouldn’t have happened. I’m more intelligent and I’m more mature than that. And that couple seconds basically cost me a lot,” Ceasar explained.
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Ceasar is facing two misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty and one felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals, The Jasmine Brand points out.
Black Ink Crew New York will air the 10th season October 18.
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