October 9, 2019

Go Awff: PETA Activist Tried To Run Up On Lil Kim In NYC!

Go Awff: PETA Activist Tried To Run Up On Lil Kim In NYC!

Photo credit – Aaron J. Thornton/WireImage/GettyImages


Lil Kim didn’t seem too bothered by the PETA activist running up on her. The Queen Bee didn’t speak out on the situation howver, she posted a flyer for her album relase party. She wants “everybody” to pull up, hopefully the protestors don’t show up! 


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PETA protestors don’t play.

But neither does the Queen Bee!

In a viral video, an animal rights activist can be seen charging and screaming at Lil Kim in front of the Build Studio in NYC. The incident happened on Tuesday (Oct. 8th). When the Queen Bee got out of her black SUC, she’s greeted by angry PETA protestors who screamed: “shame on you Lil Kim.”

In the video, you can see Lil Kim being held back by her security guards until they escorted her in the car. Take a look:

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PressPlay: #LilKim was approached by fur demonstrators while out in New York City today. However, ya’ll know she was not holding back as demonstrators shouted at her demanding that she stop wearing fur. Luckily her security was on hand before things got really heated. (