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April 18, 2019

Good News: Kim Foxx Working On New Policy To Expunge Thousands Of Marijuana Convictions [PHOTO]

HOT News
Photo credit – Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Common Ground Foundation/Getty Images
Chicago, Illinois prosecutor Kim Foxx has BIG plans in store.
She’s looking to change an outdated policy!
Foxx wants to ensure that people with minor drug convictions aren’t behind bars for a long period of time. In 2015, a mandate was issued and it said that prosecutors would no longer pursue charges on minor drug charges. Unfortunately, people are still being arrested for these minor charges.
This is what inspired Foxx to push for a new policy. According to the report, Foxx said that “her office is also examining the prosecutorial policies of convicting those charged with the sale of marijuana, but said the inquiry is in its early stages.”
Data shows that these minor offenses had a negative impact on urban communities, especially Black and Latino men. Foxx wants to change the policy as Illinois’ future is heading toward legalization.
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