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February 19, 2021

H.E.R Is Reportedly Being Sued For Copyright Infringement Over Hit Song 'Focus'

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H.E.R Is Reportedly Being Sued For Copyright Infringement Over Hit Song 'Focus'
H.E.R. has been hit with a lawsuit for copyright infringement.
According to reports, the Grammy-award-winning singer is being sued by fellow artist Andre Sims. Sims along with his lawyer, James Walker Jr. discussed the lawsuit which is for $3 million for the hit single “Focus”.
In the video, Sims and his lawyer stated that DJ Camper, the producer of the song, admitted to copying Sims’ song, "Endless Minds".
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In an interview with
, he explains how “disheartening” it is and that he wants an apology.
“As creatives, you know, we all trying to be creative and do things. We shouldn’t take from each other we shouldn’t do this kind of thing … especially in our African-American culture of music. These are the things that we birthed in a lot of culture, in the genres…and to support each other more so than to take.
So it was just kind of disheartening to discover this kind of information and I was just really hoping that I would at least get an apology,” he said.
His lawyer would go on to make the argument that people should give credit to where it is due. “But when there isn’t an acknowledgment after the fact, you know I get that you made a mistake, you accidentally took the song, okay it happens. But he didn’t see himself as a guy who this would happen to and then a guy that people wouldn’t look at all this credibility here and say ‘Wait we shouldn’t have done this we should apologize just because but this is a really, really credible guy.”
What do you think? Does ‘Focus” sound like “Endless Minds’?
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