November 19, 2021

Hell on Earth By Mobb Deep Turns 25.

Hell on Earth By Mobb Deep Turns 25.

Mobb Deep’s Hell on Earth – 25 Years Later.

Hell on Earth by Mobb Deep is the definition of boom bap hip-hop. The stiffest of audiences couldn’t stop their heads from nodding to the drums as Prodigy and Havoc mesmerize them over every track. Twenty-five years ago today – the Queensbridge duo’s third studio album Hell on Earth dropped, solidifying the name Mobb Deep in the pantheon of rap greats. 

At the height of the east coast-west coast beef in 1996, Mobb Deep provided this extremely important album. This album is so enmeshed in the east-west beef that the second song on this album Drop A Gem On ‘Em is a direct response to Tupac’s diss Hit Em’ Up. After Tupac’s death – Mobb Deep pulled the single Drop A Gem On ‘Em off of shelves and asked DJ’s to stop playing it out of respect.

Unlike modern albums, every song on Hell on Earth was produced by Mobb Deep. The sampling done on these tracks were incredibly advanced – there are a number of soul samples scattered throughout the album. 

This album has incredible features, most notably New York legends Nas, Raekwon, and Method Man. Big Noyd, who often collaborated with Mobb Deep appears throughout the album. 

If you consider yourself a hip-hop fan, you need to listen to this album at least once. Every track rings off and the lyrical ability displayed by both Prodigy and Havoc is truly remarkable. Listen to the album’s namesake Hell on Earth (Front Lines) for an absolute rap clinic.  

Twenty-five years after it’s release, Hell on Earth is widely considered Mobb Deep’s best album and is hailed as a masterpiece of it’s time. The album never reached platinum status, but was certified gold in 1997. Take the day to revisit Mobb Deep’s classic album Hell on Earth. 

Rest in Peace Prodigy.