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January 10, 2019

Here's a List of Musical Artist With Successful Movie Careers

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Photo credit: Jason LaVeris / Getty Images
Having a successful music career is a beast within itself, but having a successful acting career as well? That’s amazing. Many artist attempt to cross the talent line, and expand their career with acting. Some artists are make the transition look easy, others, not so much.
Here is a short list of some artist who have embarked on a successful acting career.
  • Rapper Ice-T started his music career in 1980. His acting career has been so successful you can almost (not quite) forget he is also an artist. As of recent, he can be seen on
    ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.’
  • Yes, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is also a rapper. He was once named “The most powerful actor in Hollywood,” Will Smith is a jack of many trades, and very successful. He will be in the upcoming Aladdin film.
  • Mariah Carey is a 5x Grammy award winning singer/songwriter. Aside from serenading the world with her angelic voice, she also is a successful actress. She can be seen in movies such as, Precious, Glitter, The Butler and more.
  • As we know, Beyonce or Queen Bey rather, is multi-talented. She dominated the music industry, and is also no stranger to the big screen. Be sure to take your family and go see The Lion King, coming this year.
  • The late Tupac Shakur made an impact on the music industry before his tragic passing, but that’s not all. He also graced the screen on several movies, including Poetic Justice, Juice, and more. His legacy lives on. May he continue to rest in peace.
  • Newark, New Jersey native, Queen Latifah is one of hip-hop’s first ladies. Although she hasn’t but out any records as of lately, she’s demanding U.N.I.T.Y on the set of these movies. She has embarked on a successful acting career, one that hip-hop would be proud of. You catch her in movies such as Hairspray, Bringing Down the House, Taxi, Star, Girls Trip and so much more.
That’s just a short list of artist who we can see on the big screen as well. These few mentioned are examples of going after your dreams, no matter where you start off. It’s possible to be successful in many different avenues.