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January 18, 2017

Hip Hop Debates: Who's The Better All-Time Drake Or Nelly? Social Media REACTS! [PHOTO]

HOT News
Hip Hop Debates: Who's The Better All-Time Drake Or Nelly? Social Media REACTS! [PHOTO]
(Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)
Is Drake better than Nelly?
If you were wondering why he was trending today, a big debate sparked up on social media. Who was the better artist Drake or Nelly?
Let’s get the tale of the tape!
Back in 2000, Nelly put St. Louis on the map when he came out with his single “Country Grammar.” His debut album is certified diamond after going 10x platinum. His follow-up Nellyville is currently certified 6x platinum. He is also famous for the infamous track “Tip Drill.” He has four #1 singles including “Grillz,” “Shake Ya Tailfeather,” “Dilemma,” and “Hot In Herre.” He has sold over 21 million albums to date.
Drake is breaking records left and right. He has his own Canada movement going on and is on the radio it seems like all the time. In a time where music sales are at a low, and streams are on a high Drizzy has gone at least platinum with all four solo studio albums he released. Drake has over 100 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, with at least 20 at the same time earlier in 2016. He also has the streaming record, and continues to set (or follow depending on your argument) trends in the past few years.
So the question is who do you think is better?
See what social media said below.
We having a Nelly vs Drake debate? Nelly gave us Tip Drill… debate over
— WholesomeMcBeardface (@koopa_kinte) January 17, 2017
The Nelly Drake debate is just people who actually listened to Nelly as opposed to people who didn’t listen to Nelly. Simple.
— Kevin (@selfcritics) January 17, 2017
Rap twitter is debating Nelly vs Drake. This shouldn’t be a debate, Nelly went diamond before streams counted without a major co-sign.
— TBG (@ThatBoysGood) January 17, 2017
Nelly vs Drake is debatable.. don’t act like nelly ain’t have y’all wearing Air Force 1s and wanting band aids on y’all face lol
— 360 (@ItsThreeSixty) January 17, 2017
Best I Ever Had was 8 years ago and Drake still the top guy. How is this even a discussion? Y’all bored.
— Kazeem Famuyide (@RealLifeKaz) January 17, 2017
Take away the radio/club hits nelly has and what ya got drake is solid either way rather its radio/club songs or headphone music
— All Things Go (@23_folarin) January 17, 2017
I liked nelly growing up but FOR ME Drake already surpassed him but it’s music. We all have our own taste in music so nobody’s wrong
— TITANS 9-7 (@TroyKeywon) January 17, 2017