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August 17, 2022

HoodCelebrityy Dropped A Freestyle Over Burna Boy's ‘Last Last’

New Music
HoodCelebrityy Dropped A Freestyle Over Burna Boy's ‘Last Last’
Jamaican-born, Bronx-bred superstar Hoodcelebrityy blessed fans with a new freestyle.
The “Walking Trophy” hopped on Burna Boy’s “Last Last.” In HoodCelebrityy’s version, she raps about being over an individual and moving on. She starts the track by telling the person who caused her pain that they are a liar. A notable line is when she says, “you a cheat first now you cry pon (on) me.”
In Burna Boy’s song, he starts the track off by singing, “E don cast, last last, na everybody go chop breakfast.” In an interview, Burna explained the meaning and said its Nigerian slang about having a heartbreak. In HoodCelebrityy’s freestyle, she showed off her Jamaican slang when she rapped, “me get the last laugh; no yuh can’t yam (eat) breakfast.”
Take a listen:
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Burna Boy is having an incredible run with “Last Last.” He earned his first Hot 100 Billboard entry.
HoodCelebrityy also has an exciting summer. “Last Last” freestyle is a follow-up to her recent single, “Signs.” She was also featured on the Girll Codee’s latest EP, Shaa Biggaa and Hiii Siddity on the song “Chaa Chaa Chaa.” Hoodcelebrityy also performed at Essence Fest.
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