June 1, 2020

Insecure Recap: Issa And Lawrence’s Transparency + Growth

Insecure Recap: Issa And Lawrence’s Transparency + Growth

On last night’s episode of Insecure, addressed the long-overdue elephant in the room between Issa and her ex Lawrence, Issa’ cheating.

The episode, properly titled “Lowkey Happy”, answered so many questions that viewers have been longing for.  Issa and Lawrence were seen in a different way.

If you followed Issa and Lawrence’s rocky relationship, then automatically you thought that the two of them meeting for drinks would be a big mistake. It actually turned out to be the complete opposite. 

Although the date started off awkward for the two after Issa tripped and fell in the middle of the club, they both shared laughs and took several trips down memory lane. While at dinner, Lawrence asked Issa about the night she cheated on and why she did it. It was at that moment that allowed viewers to see how exes can be cool with each other but it also displayed the transparency that much needed. 

After it was laid out on the table that Issa was devastated for cheating on Lawrence, and Lawrence stating that he felt lost seeing Issa leave for work every day while he had nothing to do at home, and finding it easier to blame her instead of dealing with his own issues, the two ended the night together. 

Social media couldn’t contain their excitement about this episode either.

Now the question remains, is this closure for Issa and Lawrence or is this a new beginning for them?