September 9, 2019

Is Rihanna’s Album FINALLY Coming Out In December?

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Is Rihanna’s Album FINALLY Coming Out In December?
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There might finally be some good new for the RihNavy!

It has been three years since Rihanna last her eighth studio album Anti. Since then she has gone on to create a bigger empire for herself with her Fenty Beauty, and Fenty fashion house products.

With over a year of teasing, and interviews discussing the anticipated project, there might actually finally be a hint on when the album is planning to come.

According to French reports who were covering Universal Music France’s Open Session, the singer is planning of delivering her anticipated ninth studio album tentatively named R9 in December.

Rihanna has been teasing fans for months about her album, even releasing a shirt in June that read “No More Music.”

She has also been grilled on social media about the delay of the release.

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i feel attacked. ***valley girl who’s never been attacked voice*** R9 chronicles.

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There were rumors that RiRi had recorded a track with Megan Thee Stallion for her upcoming album, but after asked by a fan what the truth was the singer simply answer “a lie,” denying the dream collaboration.

We don’t currently have a lot of information on Rihanna’s new album, but some hints were dropped earlier this year when Times Magazine did a feature on her. At that time it was confirmed that her album will take on a reggae theme.

When asked, “Is it true you are doing a reggae album,” she replied “Yeah.”

She explained the delay during a June interview with Interview Magazine.

“[Lack of a sleep pattern is&#93 the reason why an album isn’t being spat out like it used to,” she said. “I used to be in the studio, only the studio, for three months straight, and an album would come out. Now, it’s like a carousel. I do fashion one day, lingerie the next, beauty the next, then music the next. It’s like having a bunch of kids and you need to take care of them all.”

She later continued to elaborate on the process while confirming she has been in the studio.

“It really does suck that it can’t just come out, because I’m working on a really fun one right now,” she said. “I’m really happy with a lot of the material we have so far, but I am not going to put it out until it’s complete. It makes no sense to rush it, but I want it out. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m like, “Even if I don’t have the time to shoot videos, I’m going to put an album out.”

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