September 28, 2020

J. Cole Receives New Amazing Mural in North Carolina

J. Cole Receives New Amazing Mural in North Carolina

Welcome home, J. Cole.

A huge new mural surfaced just outside of J. Cole’s hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina, and from the looks of the pictures floating around.. it’s absolutely beautiful.

Reportedly, the piece was done by by JEKS, a local North Carolina street artist. He based the work off of a photo by Jonathan Mannion. “Another collaboration with legendary photographer @jonathanmannion of NC hiphop legend @realcoleworld for @uhillwalls in Durham NC,” wrote JEKS on Instagram.

The piece is reportedly apart of a bigger “art experience.” One fan wrote via Instagram, “It’s like an outdoor art experience. It’s over 40,000 square feet full of murals paying tribute to many men and women who have influenced culture all from NC. SUPER dope!”

Take a look at the masterpiece below.

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BTW, we’re still waiting for that Cole album to drop. It was rumored to be titled The Fall Off, and set to be released before the year is over. We’ll just have to wait and see.