June 8, 2022

Jack Harlow Admits He Loved ‘Black Women’ His ‘Whole Life’

Jack Harlow Admits He Loved ‘Black Women’ His ‘Whole Life’

Jack Harlow opens up about his love for Black women.

The ‘What’s Poppin’ rapper credits Black women for being ‘a massive part of his career.’ In the Teen Vogue spread, Harlow addresses his current criticism.

“They’ll never have to worry about not being credited by me…. I mean, I look out at my shows and I see them,” Harlow added. “It’s one thing when you see the memes and you hear people talking about it, but it’s another when you travel the country and you see them all over the place. I love Black women. I’ve loved Black women my whole life.”

He also addressed not knowing that Brandy was Ray J’s sister on while interview on Ebro in the Morning. “The era we live in has forced you, as a public figure, to be hyperaware of the decisions you’re making,” he said. “Not everything can be, ‘What a charming guy who knows exactly what to say.’ It’s not human. Sometimes you put your foot in your mouth… Everything you say is really liable to affect your career in a crazy way,” he says. “That’s just the nature of where we’re at. But it’s also dependent on your integrity, which is something I feel I have a lot of.”

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