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July 27, 2022

Janelle Monae Shares Topless Pictures While She’s Vacationing

Janelle Monae Shares Topless Pictures While She’s Vacationing
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Janelle Monae is baring it all while vacationing in Ibiza.

She shared a topless picture via Instagram and captioned it, “earthly Pleasures. Topless beaches in ibiza hit different. Red Vintage capes found in @nicepiecevintage in Paris make me wanna write more…”

The caption continued, “the best French toast in the world is at matignon. Orgasmic. Dancing bare feet in the streets of parisss is always good for my sole. First f1 race in Marseilles was exciting! Got to watch the coldest @lewishamilton killlll it. Look up more and you’ll see beauty Jane. Sunsets in Ibiza make you a believer that there is always more to unlearn. black men admiring each other’s style calms my nervous system. My ancestors hyping me up will always keep me adventurous..”

Janelle Monae has also been making headlines as she set to portray Josephine Baker in an upcoming series titled De La Resistance! The series will reportedly focus on role Baker’s role as a “spy for the Allies during the French resistance helping defeat the Nazis, and on her experience as one of the world’s most iconic, talented and glamorous entertainers..”