January 15, 2020

Jay Z And Yo Gotti Team Up To Sue Mississippi Over Horrible Jail Conditions

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Jay Z And Yo Gotti Team Up To Sue Mississippi Over Horrible Jail Conditions

Photo credit – Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation/GettyImages

Jay Z and Yo Gotti are keeping their promises.

The two of them told the governor of Mississippi that they were thinking about suing over horrible prison conditions and they did.

The lawsuit was filed today (Jan 13th) by attorneys working with them on behalf of 29 inmates. The suit alleges that inmates are being kept in inhumane and unconstitutional conditions. 

“Plaintiffs’ lives are in peril,” the lawsuit begins. “Individuals held in Mississippi’s prisons are dying because Mississippi has failed to fund its prisons, resulting in prisons where violence reigns because prisons are understaffed. In the past two weeks alone, five men incarcerated in Mississippi have died as the result of prison violence. These deaths are a direct result of Mississippi’s utter disregard for the people it has incarcerated and their constitutional rights.”

The lawsuit is also asking a judge to order “MDOC officials to develop and implement a plan to protect inmates from prison violence. The suit also asks the judge to “provide safe and clean conditions free from filth and vermin and with adequate access to exercise, outdoor recreation, showers, lighting sanitation, plumbing, ventilation, and other basic human needs.”

Mississippi prison system has been under the radar after there was an outbreak of deadly violence that left five inmates dead. The Mississippi Department of Corrections claims the violence is gang-related.

We will keep you updated as more details become available.