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September 27, 2019

Jay Z Slammed For Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Super Bowl Halftime

HOT News
Jay Z Slammed For Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Super Bowl Halftime
Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty
Jay Z is being criticized following the announcement of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. The media mogul partnered with the NFL as its Love Music Entertainment Strategist. When asked about Colin Kaepernick during a press conference, Jay revealed that this is his plan to help the league’s social injustice initiative.
This sparked a controversial debate globally as folks questioned whether this was a business move on the rapper’s end or if he is really for social reform.
In a statement released by PepsiCo’s Senior VP Adam Harter says:
“We are so excited to announce that global superstars Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will take the stage together for the very first time at the Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show. We’ve been working closely behind-the-scenes with our long-standing partners at the NFL, and now alongside Roc Nation to bring these mega superstars together. It is a testament to our partnership and commitment to push the envelope of what is possible.”
A lot of fans are calling out the media mogul. See what they had to say below:
Jay Z giving us JLo and Shakira for the halftime?
— PHI [2-2] #WeBeatGodgers (@bruthafrank) September 26, 2019
So Jay Z took over the super bowl halftime performance to give us J lo and Shakira… lol
— Mr. Fantastic (@ApolloKreed5) September 27, 2019
well damn i really don’t get why they be putting this type of shit in the super bowl halftime show. j-lo and shakira??? after jay z got involved with the nfl i thought it would change, but i was wrong
— não (@vitordopigas) September 26, 2019
I need to know what Sean jay z Carter was thinking with j-lo and Shakira during the Super Bowl halftime show
No knock on them they good artist
Shakira Hips don’t lie go crazy
But c’mon now
— Steph curry’s Wrist (@Tae_hef) September 27, 2019
So.. Jay Z gets hired by the NFL to help work on the SB halftime show and he gives us JLo and Shakira…
Imagine this halftime show…
— Tucker (@TuckerDesch) September 27, 2019
Jay Z Partnered With The NFL To Have Shakira & Freaking JLO Perform At Halftime Of The Super Bowl SMH For The Culture Huh
— LAV (@LavSummers) September 26, 2019
So Roc Nation/Jay Z did all that just to book Shakira and J. Lo?!
I don’t even watch the NFL but I won’t even watch the halftime show now either lmao
— Patrick Popoff (@rmichaelthomas) September 26, 2019
.@JLo and @shakira will be the halftime performers at Super Bowl LIV in Miami.
— ESPN (@espn) September 26, 2019