July 8, 2020

Jeezy’s BM Mahi Responds To Rapper’s Claims She’s ‘Crazy’ & ‘Jealous’

Jeezy’s BM Mahi Responds To Rapper’s Claims She’s ‘Crazy’ & ‘Jealous’

Jeezy has some baby mama drama on his hands!

We covered the report, the mother of Jeezy’s daughter, Mahi, claimed that Jeezy fell behind on his child support payments for their six-year-old daughter. Mahi claims he missed his April payment this year “for the third time” and owes a total of $10,057 with interest. She also says he didn’t buy her a car he had promised to get her. Mahi is also upset that Jeezy didn’t download a co-parenting app intended for communicating about their child. As a result, she reportedly wants Jeezy placed in jail.

Jeezy responded to the drama and said that he was caught up on his payments and that his ex was jealous of his new engagement to Jeannie Mai. The Twenty 20 Pyrex Vision rapper also said he was worried about Mahi’s mental state since she was allegedly having “manic fits” and threatened his life. 

Reported on Bossip, Mahi is speaking out against Jeezy’s claims. She said he’s telling lies and slandering her name. She denied trying to kill him and says she’s not jealous of his new relationship. In fact, according to new legal documents, Mahi had no clue Jeezy was going to propose to Jeannie on the evening of March 27. She said that morning, through her lawyer, she told Jeezy that if he didn’t make a court-ordered payment towards a car for her that she’d file a motion for contempt for him by the end of the day. Mahi says the timing of the emails proves she had no idea what he was doing in his personal life. 

Mahi also said if she’s such an unstable mother, why hasn’t Jeezy tried to remove their daughter from her custody. In the court docs obtained by Bossip, Mahi said, 

“How low Petitioner has sunk to make up this type of slanderous lie to defend himself.”

Meanwhile, Jeezy has been focused on the Black Lives Matter movement!

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