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January 14, 2021

Joe Biden Gearing Up To Unveil 3rd Stimulus Plan With $2,000 Payments

HOT News
Joe Biden Gearing Up To Unveil 3rd Stimulus Plan With $2,000 Payments
Joe Biden made one thing clear, “we need $2,000 stimulus checks!”
President-elect Joe Biden is preparing to unveil a new coronavirus relief plan. He’s pushing for the largest direct payment Americans have ever received since the pandemic hit in March 2020, $2,000 payments.
The amount of the entire
hasn’t been revealed, but it’s expected to include an extension of unemployment, aid for local and state governments, a boost for small businesses, funding for vaccine distribution and schools, and the third round of stimulus checks, a news source reports.
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Although this isn’t set in stone, Marc Goldwin, senior policy director at the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, tweeted out a breakdown of the $2,000 payments oils possibly go. Couples with children would be eligible for the most money — up to $14,000 for a couple earning less than $150,00 with five kids.
During the Georgia races last week, Biden told voters that if Democrats won the races, $2,000 stimulus checks would be on their way to most Americans. Once the
votes are solidified, there’s a chance the next payment could roll out by February, according to the report.
notes the actual payment could be $1,400 (counting the $600 Americans received for the second round), which will give a total of $2,000.
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