June 3, 2022

Joe Budden Calls Out NYC Strip Clubs, ‘You Not Hiring Black Women’ 

Joe Budden
Joe Budden Calls Out NYC Strip Clubs, ‘You Not Hiring Black Women’ 

Joe Budden warned his Twitter fans he would start a “war” with New York City strip clubs, and he did.

The former rapper Tweeted on June 2, “I think I’m gonna start a war with NY strip clubs but only because [I] care.”

In an Instagram story post, he explained further. Joe said, “NY strip clubs, not only are you not hiring Black women, but you’re purposely hiring the SAME exact girl. Your promoter having a type is gonna lose y’all money this Summer.. this is disgusting (not the girls, the optics).” Take a look:

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Waka Flocka responded online and said to Joe, “man shut up soft a*s up.” Joe wasn’t phased, and commented back via Twitter, “or what.” Take a look:

In the comment section under The Shade Room’s IG post, Mysonne said he agreed with Joe and wrote, “I conquer.” Other users said Joe is speaking facts and said, “I’m with him the owner might have a preference, but if you about ya bag, you gone have women of all flavors to bring in that money.” 

While speaking of starting “wars” with NYC strip clubs, Joe Budden found himself in a “rap beef” a few days ago. Cy-Hi dropped a diss track about Joe on Sway. Joe hopped on Twitter to respond and said, “Why is Cyhi doing that to my name while I’m on vacation? That’s not nice.” In another Tweet, the Love and Hip Hop star said, “& w that nasty ass bar too….. you lot so lucky lol.”

All Hip Hop points out a Twitter used named @TenDeep_ shared an old clip of Joe saying he’d come out of rap retirement for Cy. Do yo think Joe will and do you want to hear something? Let us know and take a look at the clip below: