August 19, 2021

JT And Lil Uzi Spark Breakup Rumors

JT And Lil Uzi Spark Breakup Rumors

Trouble in paradise?

One of social media’s favorite couple may have called it quits. Fans suspect the two have broken up due to unfollowing each other on social media. Neither of the two confirmed or denied the rumors.

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The couple have seemingly been dating for a year, and have been riding for each other since going public. On Uzi’s birthday, JT posted a heartfelt message reading, “I always wanna be the one to make you smile & hype you! I truly found my lover & best friend some one I can disagree with & still come to bed every night! Thanks for keeping your word it’s only right I do the most for you & brag on you cause you that nigga!!!! I love pissing you off! I’m forever drawn or whatever you say but I mean well!! Happy birthday papa..”

Hopefully the two are still on good terms.