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September 14, 2022 - L'Oreal Luchi

Juelz Santana Drops Street Anthem 'Whitney' Produced By Heatmakerz

New Music
Juelz Santana Drops Street Anthem 'Whitney' Produced By Heatmakerz
Juelz Santana dropped off a new anthem for the streets.
"Whitney" arrived at the perfect time, as summer is winding down and we gear up for the next season. The single is produced by Heatmakerz, who produced a lot of Dipset's music, like Juelz's debut album, From Me to U, released in 2003. The Heatmakerz and Juelz Santana's debut From Me to U.
"Whitney" takes listeners to the nostalgia of hip hop in the early 2000s. Juelz raps about hustling and overcoming difficult situations. Some notable lines include:
"Long nights, breaking day, same sh*t, day to day, clocking more than Flava Flav, praying for some better days."
"Whip game immaculate, master with the packaging, I be moving with the Ye, way before Kardashians."
"Can't trust a soul, all these n*ggas switched up!"
Take a listen:
Hip hop showed love. Maino said, "let's go." French Montana let the world know this song is his jam, he wrote, "my joint." Artists from the new generation like On Point Like OP gave the song props and commented a fire flame emoji. Dizzy Banko the producer also showed love to the song.
In other Juelz news, he spoke about almost having a joint project with Jeezy last month. Juelz appeared on the Hot Boxin with Mike Tyson podcast and said at the time, Jeezy's career kicked off and they didn't get a chance to do it. Juelz said:
"Me and Jeezy were actually supposed to do a project together called Best of Both Hoods. Jeezy took off and he got real big… Basically, the mixtape didn't happen. Me and Jeezy did about four records then he kinda got real big. We didn't do the mixtape."
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