October 21, 2017

Justine Skye Takes A Knee After Singing National Anthem; Explains Why [VIDEO]

Justine Skye Takes A Knee After Singing National Anthem; Explains Why [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)

Justine Skye is one of the most talented young artists bubbling at the moment. 

Last night (Oct 20), the singer performed the national anthem at the Barclays Center before the Brooklyn Nets faced off against the Orlando Magic. 

As she ended the song, she decided to make a statement by taking a knee in the middle of the court. 

Soon after she came to Hot 97 to discuss her decision to kneel with TT Torrez. 

“I felt that someone who has a platform whether its a million followers, 10 million followers, 10 followers, you have to make your voice heard,” she said. “Especially if you stand for something at the stage. There’ so much injustice going on, there’s so much hate happening right now, and Colin Kaepernick he made it so that we can use our voice on the biggest platforms ever. This is my hometown. I was born in Brooklyn, and i felt if anyone has a chance to do that – opening night at the Nets game. It was perfect.”

A spokeswoman for the Nets reacted to her actions by giving the following statement according to ABC News,  “we recognize that tonight’s national anthem singer kneeled briefly at the end of her performance and we were not aware that she was going to do so.”

Take a look at the kneel and her statements below. 

@justineskye speaks on her decision to kneel after singing the national anthem in #Brooklyn earlier today w/ @tttorrez #TakeAKnee

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