September 18, 2018

Kanye West Makes Two BIG Announcements! [PHOTO]

Kanye West Makes Two BIG Announcements! [PHOTO]
(Photo Credit: Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Earlier this year, Rosenberg sat down with Chance the Rapper where he revealed that he was working on a project with his hometown friend Kanye West. 

Weeks later, Kanye gives us an update on the project. The collaborative album will be called Good Ass Job. On top of that, Yeezy also claimed that he was moving back to Chicago.

That’s not all.

It looks like we will be getting another full length Kanye West project this year too!

He went on Instagram to tease a new project Monday night (Sep 17).  The project looks like the Yeezus album cover, except it is blue. The project will be called Yandhi, playing off the name “Ghandi” and it is scheduled to be released September 29.

Take a look at the announcement below.