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September 25, 2022 - L'Oréal Luchi

Kanye's Public Apology To Kim, 50 Cent Files Lawsuit Over Alleged Enhancement Claims

HOT News
Kanye's Public Apology To Kim, 50 Cent Files Lawsuit Over Alleged Enhancement Claims
Erica Banks:
Erica Banks caught heat after telling fans on IG Live that she only parties with thick chicks, and their outfits have to be fly. People called Erica out for recently getting a BBL and discriminating against skinny women. Erica responded online to the backlash & said, "everyone is entitled to their opinion." She also said, "I love my skinny/smaller women with a passion, let's not get it misconstrued. However, when I go to the CLUB, I want thick bitches shaking ass everywhere. That's my vibe. There even skinny women in my videos, hand-picked by me, so stop it."
PnB Rock:
PnB Rock was laid to rest this week during a Muslim funeral service in Philadelphia. The LAPD is investigating his murder, they believe it was a planned attack, and as authorities piece together the crime, they don't think PnB Rock's GF had anything to do with it. Police are looking into PnB Rock's music to see if he referenced any beefs; they're also investigating PnB Rock's affiliations in his hometown in Philly, plus Atalanta, where he frequently visited. No arrests have been made as of yet.
Kanye West:
Kanye West appeared on Good Morning America and apologized to his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian for causing her stress. He also touched on the drama surrounding him and his children amid the divorce and compared his situation with Kim to his war with Adidas and Gap. When asked about does he have a voice when it comes to co-parenting, Kanye said quote:
"I do have a voice, but I had to fight for it. It was all a disregard for something I co-created. I co-created the children. I co-created the product at Adidas. I co-created the product at Gap. There's a parallel, and the parallel does touch on discrimination." Watch the video.
Mystikal is in a serious legal situation. He's currently behind bars, facing life over a first-degree rape charge, and other offenses. In July, Mystikal was arrested after a woman reported being choked, sexually assaulted, and suffered minor injuries during the attack. Mystikal's lawyer said his client remains in good spirits, and they look forward to proving his innocence in court. Mystikal pleaded not guilty, was denied bond, and his next court date is October 17.
50 Cent:
50 Cent is suing the owner of Miami medical spa, who he thought was a fan, but she allegedly used a photo they took to falsely suggest that he had penile enhancement surgery. 50 Cent's longtime ex, Vivica Fox, told the world 50 doesn't need any enhancement and vouched for 50. Check out the video.
Future sold a large chunk of his publishing, 612 songs between 2004 and 2020. Some of those hits include "Life Is Good" and "Jumpman" with Drake, "Selfish" with Rihanna, "Low Life" with The Weeknd , "Mask Off," and more! Future sold it to Influence Media and is walking away with a massive eight-figure payout, the official number hasn't been disclosed.
Megan Thee Stallion:
The Hot Girl Coach, Megan Thee Stallion, is returning to Saturday Night Live, but this time around, she'll make her hosting debut on October 15. She'll also be performing songs off her latest album, Traumazine. Other artists like Kendrick Lamar and Willow Smith will join SNL on their 48th season.