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October 04, 2022

Karl-Anthony Towns Drops 17 Pounds After Being Hospitalized

HOT News
Karl-Anthony Towns Drops 17 Pounds After Being Hospitalized
Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns is recovering.
It was reported that the ball player was recently hospitalized due to a severe throat infection that left him struggling to breathe and on bed rest. As a result of his infection, Towns drop 17 pounds going from 231 pounds to 248.
Following his release from the hospital, Towns says, "Shoutout to those people in the hospital, doing an amazing job getting me back healthy," Towns said. "Treating me so well. Just happy to be back on the court. ... I'm still recovering. I'm still getting better. There was more drastic things to worry about than basketball [during the illness]."
"I'm just taking my time, let the docs and my body take its course and do what it needs to do to get back," Towns said. "Whatever the case may be, if it's preseason and it looks pretty good for it, we'll just see as the days go by. I don't want to promise anything."
Towns will not play in the Wolves' preseason opener on Tuesday night against the Miami Heat, but hopefully he's back on the court soon.
"I expect a lot of winning, for sure," Towns said. "I want to win. I'm not up here just blowing smoke. I really want to try to bring a championship right here to Minnesota. I think Rudy adds a huge component to that. He's gonna be a massive part of us being a championship team. My job is to help him as much as he's going to help me. His strengths are my weaknesses and his weaknesses are my strengths, so we'll be able to play off of each other."