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March 18, 2021

Keyshia Cole Explains Why She's Retiring From Music

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Keyshia Cole Explains Why She's Retiring From Music
Keyshia Cole made a bold announcement on March 17.
Via Twitter,
let fans know she's retiring from music. A fan told the singer how her new single is buzzing on the charts, and Keyshia replied, "I'm retiring." Take a look:
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In other Tweets, the "Heaven Sent" singer said she's still giving fans
Album 8
, but she's taking her time. She also explained why she's hanging up her mic. She said the reason she's falling back from the industry is to spend more time with her children.
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Her fans are
and begged her to "change her mind." Keyshia assured fans this is what she wants to do. She also let them know she'll still perform her classic joints; she just won't put out new music.
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Keyshia debuted her new single
last month, following her long-anticipated
with Ashanti. It's her first official release on her label, Hearts & Stars, in partnership with BMG. She's gearing up to release her eighth studio album, the follow-up to her 2017
11:11 Reset
. Take a listen to "I Don't Wanna Be In Love:"
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