September 22, 2020

Kodak Black Suing Federal Bureau Of Prisons, Claims He Was Tortured & Forced To Defecate On Himself

Kodak Black Suing Federal Bureau Of Prisons, Claims He Was Tortured & Forced To Defecate On Himself

Kodak Black has had enough! 

While serving his time behind bars, Kodak has made numerous claims of being mistreated. 

In April, he wrote a lengthy message before getting transferred to Kentucky federal prison, about the mistreatment he received. He had gotten into a fight at a Miami jail he was in, that left a prison guard injured, which is why they transferred him. However, earlier in January, he said he was a target and people were trying to kill him

Now Kodak Black is taking the matter into his hands. Reported on TMZ, Kodak is suing the Federal Bureau of prisons plus their director and warden of the Big Sandy maximum security prison. In the suit, Kodak claims ever since he was transferred to Kentucky in October 2019, he’s been tortured and had his rights violated. 

According to the court documents, Kodak says when he got transferred, the guards at Big Sandy ordered a “gang beating” on him, for injuring the prison guard at the Miami facility. During the beat down, Kodak claims guards, “flicked” his testicles. Kodak also claims ever since the fight, he’s continuously punished and mistreated for no legitimate law enforcement reason. For example, Kodak alleges he had to wear a backless paper gown on a 4-point restraint for more than 6 hours with no access to a bathroom. This caused the rapper to urinate and defecate on himself, as the guards laugh at him, according to Kodak. 

Medical records show that the mistreatment Kodak received, led to bleeding in his mouth, lacerations, and vomiting. The guards are also being accused of humiliating Kodak by putting him on his knees, execution-style, while only wearing his underwear (while soaking wet). Kodak says this has caused more emotional distress, harm, and humiliation.

According to the docs … the rapper’s transfer was a result of an altercation with another inmate while he was incarcerated at a Miami prison, in which an officer was injured. To top it off, Kodak is also being denied access to see a Rabbi, while other inmates are granted their religious privileges. 

Kodak, alongside his legal team, Bradford Cohen, Robert Buschel, and Jonathan Schwartz, are suing so Kodak could be moved to a lower-security prison. Kodak also wants his legal fees covered.