January 11, 2021

Kodak Black Says He’s ‘Lonely, Sad & Depressed’ In Jail

Kodak Black Says He’s ‘Lonely, Sad & Depressed’ In Jail

Kodak Black let fans know how he’s feeling behind bars.

Kodak shared a message on Twitter and said he’s “lonely, sad, and depressed.” He also said he’s praying for Sanity and called on the Lord for help.





Last year, Kodak and his legal team made several attempts to be released. He was denied and claimed he was tortured and a target behind bars.

Kodak is serving time for unlawfully having firearms and marijuana. He was arrested in 2019 when trying to cross the United States border to go to Canada. He also pled guilty to two counts of “knowingly making false and fictitious written statements in connection with the acquisition and attempted acquisition of firearms from a federally licensed firearms dealer, court documents report. Before the gun situation, the Florida rapper was indicted on sexual assault charges in South Carolina from an incident in 2016. 

He will reportedly be free sometime in 2022.