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August 25, 2022 - L'Oréal LUCHi

Lil Baby’s Artist Dirty Tay Speaks Out After Being Accused Of Shooting A Toddler & The Dad

HOT News
Lil Baby’s Artist Dirty Tay Speaks Out After Being Accused Of Shooting A Toddler & The Dad
Lil Baby’s artist, Dirty Tay, wants to clear his name after facing an attempted murder charge.
Dirty Tay, born Kentavious Wright, 24, was arrested for his alleged connection to a shooting. The incident happened in southwest Atalanta at a barber shop; The Jasmine Brand reports it was at Off The Hook barbershop on Peters street on August 3, AJC reports.
The reports say a father, whose identity hasn’t been released, and his three-year-old son were heading south on Peters street when a Kia made a U-turn, followed them, pulled up to the father’s car on the passenger side, and began shooting at an intersection.
The father escaped to a fire station and said approximately five shots were fired. His toddler is fighting for his to be in stable condition after getting shot in the head. As of today, August 25, it’s not clear what the boy’s health condition is now. When police arrived at the crime scene, they discovered three 9mm shell casings.
TJB points out that Dirty Tay was pulled over on August 15 for a traffic stop. However, it’s unclear what prompted it. AJC notes Tay was interviewed before being booked into the Fulton County jail, where he reportedly remains. Police released body-cam footage of the arrest, and multiple officers took him into custody. His girlfriend, whose identity hasn’t been released, was also brought in. She was searched, and officers found a gun that allegedly belonged to Tay, according to the police.
Jail records show Dirty Tay is facing multiple charges, first-degree cruelty to children, criminal attempt to commit murder, aggravated assault, and multiple gang-related charges. In addition, “three counts of committing offenses listed in Georgia’s Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act with the intent to gain membership or increase his status in a criminal street gang.”
Dirty Tay somehow wrote a message online and said, “I’m innocent the news is not always right don’t bash me because of allegations.”
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Dirty Tay signed to Lil Baby in 2020. His debut mixtape is Way Bigger On The Low.