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July 21, 2022

Lil Baby’s Son Jason Imitates His Dad To ‘Freestyle‘ Doing The Studio Challenge

HOT News
Lil Baby’s Son Jason Imitates His Dad To ‘Freestyle‘ Doing The Studio Challenge

The studio challenge is taking over the internet

Lil Baby’s eldest son, Jason Jones, 6, went viral after taking it on. In his version, Jason is on a tour bus, rocking shades and a fly outfit. As he enters the bus, he daps everyone up, grabs a stack of cash, then “hits the booth” made out of a game controller. Then Jason begins rapping his dad’s “Freestyle.”
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The studio challenge is where people pretend they’re having a session, rap a song, and use whatever they have as a mic/studio equipment. People are hitting their makeshift studios and dropping videos to their favorite songs. Last week, Reginae Carter went viral after she imitated her dad Lil Wayne for her studio challenge.
In Lil Baby news, he’s creating jobs in Atlanta. As reported on CBS 46, he’s working with prominent business owner Lemont Bradley to hire 100 people under the age of 21, the article notes. Baby and Bradley told the outlet,
“We are looking to give out 100 jobs to teenagers and young adults in the metro Atlanta area. With the crime rate surrounding scams, robbery, and even murder being so high, we are looking to provide a positive outlet and revenue stream to those who are looking for an income.”
In addition, the two plan on opening a lawn care service this fall. Their main objective with their philanthropy work is to lower the crime rate. They said, “Of course, we are looking forward to helping boost the city’s economy, but we are really focused on lowering the city’s crime rate.”
Lil Baby also inked a new deal with the deodorant brand Axe. Rolling Stone reports it’s called “WHAXE” packs. The outlet points out the name is a combination of Axe’s nickname, “WXE,” and Baby’s nickname, “WHAM.”
The collaboration includes a stick of deodorant on a chain and body wash in an iced-out platinum metallic bottle with rhinestones. People will also get a Diamon crusted “WHAXE” four-finger ring and a toothbrush for jewelry.