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June 10, 2021

Lil Durk’s Baby Mother Says He Cut Their 7 Y.O Son Off, Social Media Chimes In

HOT News
Lil Durk’s Baby Mother Says He Cut Their 7 Y.O Son Off, Social Media Chimes In
Lil Durk’s baby mother had a few things to get off her mind.
During an interview with blogger, Tasha K on her YouTube show, Unwine With Tasha K, Durk’s BM, Travonna said he’s an absent father. Travonna spoke on Durk buying designer clothes and flashing his money, but failing to take care of their seven-year-old son.
Travonna also spoke on holding Durk down before he had money/fame. Take a look at a screen grab, captured by The Neighborhood Talk blog:
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In the comment section, online users chimed in. One person said “I believe her. N*ggas be quick to switch up on the ‘brown’ baby mom chile.”
Another user said, “y’all talking bout the lady sounds [bitter] and hurt, all she saying is the n*gga don’t take care of their child. Y’all must not have kids [because] clearly she ain’t bashing him, his character, she ain’t being salty acting like he still want her. All she saying is DO FOR MY SON. I don’t see the problem.”
On the flip side, other users felt this wasn’t the right time. Someone said, “I feel like she should have waited to talk on AIR about this. He literally just lost his brother. I get that she’s upset, she has the right to. But now is not the time.”
Over the weekend, Durk’s older brother, who goes by the name OTF DThang was shot and killed over the weekend in front of a Chicago nightclub, TMZ reported.
Our thoughts are with Durk during this difficult time.