November 18, 2019

Lil’ Kim Addresses Naturi Naughton’s Portrayal Of Her On ‘Notorious’

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Lil’ Kim Addresses Naturi Naughton’s Portrayal Of Her On ‘Notorious’
(Photo Credit: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images)

Lil’ Kim is keeping it real on her portrayal in the 2009 film, Notorious.

The Queen Bee sat down for a conversation on Hollywood Unlocked, in which she went into detail about her feelings on actress Naturi Naughton being casted to play her in the biopic.

She goes to talk about how she hated it, and how it was actually filmed without her permission.

“I’m going to touch on this briefly ’cause I think everybody already knows my answer to this,” she said. “I hated everything about that movie. I hated it. Wasn’t involved in it. I actually had to get my lawyers involved in which I ended up getting a check from it — that was the only reason why, whatever. But it was greenlit and shot without my permission. Everybody knows this already. We talked about it.”

She then addressed her thoughts on Naughton.

“How do you even pick somebody because I’m sorry,” she began. “That wasn’t… I was not OK with that … I would have never picked her. Never, ever, ever. She has nothing in common with me. Nothing. We have nothing in common. No, seriously … And I don’t like the way she’s been disrespectful about it because I wasn’t even basically blaming her. But she did a whole documentary coming at me. I’m like, ‘What the heck is this?’”

The documentary that Kim addressed was an episode of TV One’s Uncensored series. Naughton recounted her side of the conversation during the documentary.

“I would never take on a role of real person that is alive and well and not try to speak with them and reach out,” she said. “Let’s clear the record. At the time, there was a manger who was managing Kim. I called, I left multiple voicemails …  I was at the production office in Brooklyn, Kim comes off the elevator, I happen to be there for rehearsal. Huge, beautiful fur. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, the queen is here.’ She walks right by me with her crew. She goes into the director’s office. They close the door. All I hear is, ‘What the f***?!’ They’re arguing. They’re yelling and I’m like, ‘I hope this is not about me.’ But it was. I guess there was some miscommunication about the casting process. But again, I’m just an actress. I was just hired to do a part. So I was hoping and praying. I reached out via phone. I was there, that time in person.”

Lil Kim currently has a new project titled 9 which is available now.